Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Nutella and Roasted Hazelnut Challah

Ever since I saw these drool worthy pictures I knew I had to try making the roasted hazelnut challah. I bought the ingredients in advance and waited for the weekend to arrive so I would have plenty of time to make it. Alas, the weekend came and went! In a moment of guilt on Sunday night having thought of my fun but nevertheless unproductive weekend I grabbed a big bowl and set about to assemble the dough. That took just a few minutes and I then threw it in the fridge as directed to let it do its thing overnight. When I came back from work Monday evening I finished off the topping and braiding and wallah!

The end result was delicious! I was expecing a sweeter bread and was pleasantly surprised that the nutella gave it a bit of sweetness but the bread still held its own. The added crunch of the roasted hazelnuts was great as well!

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