Saturday, July 2, 2011

Chicken Korma

Have tried this out and it turned out awesome and very close to the real deal (just with a little more gravy)
Slice and fry 3 onions till golden brown

sawa kilo - 1kg chicken

3-4 med potatoes sliced into thick rounds (if desired)

red chili paste (chili's cooked in water and blended) dried chili or red chili pdr

1 tbsp adrak lehsan paste

Dhaniya pdr

Garam masala (whole 12 pepper,4-5 small elaichi, 2 big elaichi (crushed), 7 long,1 inch dalchini, 1/2 bay leaf)

Jaifil javetri and elaichi pdr 1/2 - pone tsp

Leave onions in pan. Add chicken to the pan. Add potatoes after chicken becomes whiter. Keep frying.

Add chopped adrak (julienned 1 pc), 2-3 tsp dhaniya pdr, 4 tsp red chili paste. Keep frying.

Add salt and the whole garam masalas, adrak-lehsan paste, 1 tsp ground each black zeera and white zeera. Fry.

Add 120 gms (1 cup) dahi beaten and fry. Bhuno for a while.. Add a little water to form a gravy. Cover and cook.

Add rose water 2 tsp. Mix and serve. Garnish with adrak

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