Saturday, July 2, 2011

Chanay ki daal ka bharta

This will be the next of a series of Chef Rahat recipes I have bookmarked to try. Will try to post verdict so I remember how they turned out.

Ingredients and method:
250 gms channa dal washed and soaked
Boil after soaking until al dente (can mash each grain with a finger)
Grind daal in the food processor
2 tsp adrak lehsan
2tsp dhaniya
1tsp haldi
1-1.5 red chili pdr
1.5 tsp lightly crushed white zeers
2-2.5 imli waters

Heat oil in a pan. Add 1 sliced onion and fry. Add zeera and garlic ginger. Add a little water. Add haldi. Add red chili pdr and fry. Add a little salt. Add a little sugar (1/2 tsp). Add 1.5 tsp ground garam masala, 2-2.5 tsp imli water (thick). Bhoono. Add julienned ginger, dhaniya and pudina. Add daal and mix. Fry until color becomes browned. Add some more ginger, pudina and cilantro. Supposed to be like a paste. Do baghar with 1 tbsp ghee/butter and pour over the top just before serving.

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